Hi! I am Jessica and my goal in life is to become a successful artist. So far so good, as I have competed and placed in competition and fully plan on continuing to do so. I am sixteen, love my animals, and enjoy computer games and such. I feel a closeness to the faerie folk as I am very close to nature and feel a strong reverence for all life. If you happen upon my site and see something you would be interested in having for your own, you can inquire through my mom's e-mail at seasprite2111@mfire.com.  I hope you enjoy the artwork I enjoy doing. Thanks.


This is the watercolor that placed first in the County Fair.

A pencil drawing of a small pony.

A charcoal sketch on purple paper.

An Acrylic portrait of my art teachers mascot.

Daffodil watercolor for my brothers birthday.

Pencil sketch of a faerie.

Ceramic Kitty with Acrylics.

Ceramic head done in Acrylics.

Ceramic kitty done in Acrylics.

Acrylics done on a newspaper matte.

Oil painting on canvas of Cochin Hens.

Ceramic Ballerina done in acrylics.

Ceramic Unicorns done in acrylics.

Ballerina, ceramic and acrylics.

Kindergarten was what you would call the "Early Days".



You can also visit my Grandmas Website at Bev Crane Art